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Our Corporate Philosophy

Autonomy Flexibility through prudent dependence
Customer needs Customers are the basis of our existence
Environment Environmental consciousness ensures our future
Growth Stagnation equals decline
Management There are always able people behind an able person
People Motivated talent is vital to success
Performance Profits provide rewards and future resources
Planning and control Chance favours the prepared
Quality Achieve excellence by avoiding the average


Codifying our philosophy

In the mid 1990s the need to document our corporate culture became apparent. Company founder and then chairman, the late Mr AP Jessen, summed up our fundamentals in a letter. This list was shared and, with only minor changes, agreed upon by leaders across the business. Today these principles continue to guide all the member companies of the Group across the region.


Corporate Commitment

The standard for corporate behaviour that we commit to is detailed in our Corporate Commitment and Philosophy and our Code of Conduct. As well as nurturing a culture based on these principles, we provide a structure of internal control. At all levels of the business, systems are in place to ensure accountability and transparency.


Our Commitment

To be a leading provider within ASEAN of quality products and services dedicated to fulfilling customer needs with professionalism and integrity.
To maintain an environment that attracts, develops, retains, rewards and motivates talent and productivity.
To establish environmental excellence in all our business enterprises and actively promote environmentally responsible behaviour at all levels of our organisations and in our customers, suppliers and principals.
To strive for outstanding corporate and individual behaviour to maintain the lasting trust and confidence of our customers, employees and suppliers.
To maintain a level of profitability that sustains growth, ensures quality and provides both generous rewards to staff and an adequate return to shareholders.