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Welcome to K Construction & Trading Co.,Ltd

KCT  was established in Cambodia in 2011. K Construction & Trading Co.,Ltd with fully intention to be one of construction company in Cambodia.  To Due to KCT having experience Civil Engineer,skilled Technician would focus on  developing  to  Construction field, and architectural and structural design
                As the Cambodia country expands in economic strength,  KCT to foresee to the future of development in the country especially construction line and we need to be a part of the country development.   We will try best upgrade ourselves to be a leader especially for turnkey project in soon future.

                KCT is continuously expanding to other related designing and engineering area to deliver to our clients the best one stop services.
                KCT's objective is continuously for upgrading the standard of Civil engineering, Construction, concrete structure, steel structure, structural design and Architectural Design country to the International Practice.

                KCT's kinds of business service clients for all kinds of building as follows;
                1. Building Construction, Factory, Road, and other etc
                2. Decoration. Renovation, Interior and Exterior
                3. Project Management (Technical Control, Quality Constrol, Time management, Bill of Quantity and Cost Estimate)
                4. Design Works (Structural works and Architectural and MEP works)
                5. Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing System
                6. Construction Material and MEP Material Supply